Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You CAN Be A Fat Size 0

Size matters- for both sexes...and don't let anyone try to cajole you into thinking otherwise. Girls that are on diets are always thought of as superficial but people make fun of girls when they let themselves go a little bit. Case and point- Britney Spears. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of her promotional Femme Fatale performances and fulfilled a bucket list fantasy by being front row! Of course I took pictures (for the pure purpose of flaunting my proximity to Brit Brit on Facebook) and almost every single guy that commented made a snarky remark about her thighs. Homegirl has popped out two kids. Not everyone is "built" like Nicole Richie post-child birth.

These same guys that made those comments are the ones that roll their eyes at me when I order a vodka soda because it's only 40 calories. They tell me to live a little and not be so obsessed. Make up your mind! Do you want me skinny and a little mentally fucked up? Or a little more plump? But be wouldn't want to hit it if I was. We look down on famous women for being too thin but 1) laud them by putting them on the cover of every magazine as a "style icon" and then 2) tear them down when they gain weight. Mixed messages much? So what weight should I strive to be to have the meat on my bones that men supposedly like, but not be fat? Does that even exist? Couldn't there be like this is the absolute perfect weight for you book instead of The Blood Type Diet and going vegan like those women from Skinny Bitch?

I'm a size 0...but it's not enough! Sometimes I have trouble fitting into certain clothes and I still want to have a meltdown in the dressing room. I'm all thin is in but even I think enough is enough. 00 is clearly just a size that was made to make every girl that's gone thru puberty feel insecure. I can't be the only one that spends all day obsessing over food that I won't let myself have.

I'm just succumbing to it. I'm a fat size 0. You can be a fat 0, or 2, or 4 in your mind. Now I'm going to start owning it...and maybe tearing the tags out of my jeans every once in a while. I'm still human.