Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do NOT Take Your Carry-On Lugguage

First off let me start off by saying that the Asiana airplane crash last weekend was horrific!  My condolences to those who lost loved ones.  Today as I was watching The Today Show while procrastinating I heard a story that after the crash there were passengers that were grabbing for their carry-on luggage before they evacuated the plane.  The mention of these passengers was met with contempt.

"How could they?"

"This was a major safety violation."

"They were preventing other passengers from exiting the plane to safety."

While these statements are true, I can't help but wonder if I'm honest with myself if I would've done the same thing.  I've never been in a plane crash.  I'm knocking on my entire wood floor right now.  But after experiencing such a traumatic event and realizing that I'm alive I wonder if I would've gone for my belongings.  Think about it.  You literally see your life flash before your eyes and you're in a state of shock.  And what do people in 2013 cling to?  Their belongings.  We are a materialistic society and the sooner we all admit it the better.  Yes sometimes my life really is better with a new pair of shoes.  Maybe these people had something important in the luggage that was irreplaceable.  I know that doesn't apply to people who grabbed their duty-free purposes but for the sake of humor and to give them the benefit of the doubt maybe they were scared that the copious bottles of vodka would have ignited the flames even more.

It was their security blanket it you can call it that.  I mean thank god Rachel Zoe wasn't on the plane.  aside from her screaming that the crash was "bananas" and grabbing for her vintage garb I don't think her catch phrase "I die" would've been met too kindly.

I'm not condoning this behavior but can we let this slide and stop maligning these people on the national news?  Most of us will hopefully never be in such an intense survival situation.  And there are a few pieces of clothing that I would probably risk my life for.  Kidding.

Hope you're all well.  I know it's been awhile since I posted.  I'm going to try to have some fun posts coming up for you.