Friday, March 25, 2011

LA Party Games

Move over Hasboro because Trivial Pursuit ain't got nothing on me. After being a resident of Los Angeles for a few years sometimes you start to lose interest in the party scene. Ok, who am I to knock on open bar, tray passed hors d'oeuvres and gift bags? But sometimes it's like you've been to one party you've been to them all. As it is part of my job to attend functions like this on a regular basis I've had to develop my own entertainment (you literally see the same people, doing the same thing in a different venue, promoting a different magazine/beauty product/brand). I'd like to invite you to try these games. I've taken a long time perfecting them and the beauty is they can be done anywhere. Literally in any city, in any venue- although you'll probably have the most fun with them in LA. Now, ladies and gentlemen....drumroll please...I present to you: Is She Thinner Than Me? And, The Cocaine Game.

Is She Thinner Than Me
*Note you need at least two people to players so you can confirm your friend's conclusions or reject them.

1. Try to find celebrities if you're in LA but if you're in another city you can just choose girls who seem to be getting a lot of attention or have a hot boyfriend.

2. Judge every aspect of the girls body. Legs, arms, back fat, stomach. Be particularly critical of each area that you are inspecting.

3. Determine your conclusion and have your friend(s) confirm or reject your conclusion

If you are thinner than the other girls 9 times out of 10 congratulations! You probably have at least a mild form of an eating disorder but at least you are rocking the 90's Heroine Chic Waif Look. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right?

If you aren't thinner than 9 out of 10 girls you should probably try a diet and stay away from carbs.

The Cocaine Game
*Note this game requires at least two players

1. You and a friend go into separate bathrooms
talls of any location you are in. If you are in LA, The Chateau Marmont or any club is preferable.

2. Lock the door.

3. Run your hand along the top of the toilet tank.

4. See how much cocaine you pick up.

5. Exit the stall and compare how much cocaine each of you have picked up.

6. The person that has the most cocaine on their fingers wins.

Whoever had the most cocaine wins the cocaine the other person picked up. Either dispose of it or give your nose a small treat.


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