Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lobster And Rose: An Ode To Summer

Every summer I try to make a list of fun things I have to do while the warm months are upon us. Clearly that summer fling with Ryan Gosling isn't happening this year. I always succumb to the marketing geniuses around that time. Every women's magazine features the perfect outfit and accessories for the beach, the outdoor concert festival, a summer BBQ, and your exotic trip to Bali. If everyone at these magazines is doing all of this stuff, shouldn't I be doing it? I mean, I live in LA and how often to I get to Malibu? I start to feel the pressure of summer to have fun and take advantage of all of the opportunities around and it stresses me the fuck out! This summer I had two main goals:

1) See a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery- Check! Saw Heathers so fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
2) Water Park- I know they're technically disgusting and full with who knows what kind of germs. But I thought it was be an easy way to re-capture my youth with a AAA discount. This item is still pending.

I don't have the time or money quite frankly to complete all of the picture-esq activities that my heart desires so I made a compromise with myself. I decided to indulge in the two things that are my absolute favorite about summer. Yes. Oprah style. If I could give these to you my readers you would probably be pissed you weren't walking away with a free trip to Australia, but in Wannabe World they suffice. Drum roll please! My two summer must haves are: Lobster and Rose!

There is NO way to go wrong here. Of course my favorite was to eat lobster during the summer is in "roll" form. The buttered split roll is perfection (and in my mind it's also carb-less). Then you have chunks of buttery lobster meat (tail and claw preferred) doused in either butter or mayo adorning the roll. If you haven't already and you live in LA, check out the Lobsta Truck so you can feel like it's summer all year round: www.lobstatruck.com

While the lobster roll is my favorite I also enjoy it in burger, salad, and free form. Nothing says summer like those claw-y creatures red delicious meat. Shoot me now PETA. And what alcoholic beverage goes oh-so-well with this sweet and savory seafood???

Rose. You are perfect. You are almost like a blend of red and white wine. Clearly I'm not a wine expert but I know what I like. You are light and airy and crisp all in one sip. And lets get real...I can suck down a glass real fast. Though it tends to have a lower alcohol content it's OK because you can drink more, easily. The chilled wine goes perfectly with the heat and humidity and because it's so drinkable it's perfect for cocktail hour on the porch (aka I sit on the bench alone in front of my building), or with a meal. Preferably containing lobster.

So, don't let the bourgeois marketing companies let you believe that you aren't living up to your full summer potential. Zero in on the few activities you want to do while the weather is warm and then find out what summer means to you. And if you want my opinion, sit back, relax, and enjoy some lobster and rose.

What are your summer must-haves?

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