Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Open Letter (that should be from) Lady GaGa

Dear Little Monsters (and everyone else out there that tries to emulate me),
I would like to put an end to this fashion madness. I know that I am able to pull off outlandish fashion that sometimes honestly isn't fashion as an amalgamation of ideas from my brain that hap pend to end up on my body, but most of you can't. When you wear a leotard in public and you're not a size 0 or 2 that is not OK. When you wear clothes that don't match for attention, that's not OK. When you wear your hair tied in a bow on top of your head, not OK. Please stop.


Lady GaGa is a pop star. Emphasis on the word star. She has worked hard and made her mark. She is an innovator. When Sally Doe from Northridge wears a GaGa-esq outfit out on a Saturday night she looks retarded (and don't get on me for being slanderous to the mentally challenged. No other word fits, OK?). Lady GaGa has earned the right to dress like that. She is an innovator. Sally works at Hamburger Hamlet.

Sally is what I like to call part of the GPop. GPop = General Population. You can find them at the movies, Target in the suburbs, and at clubs on a Saturday night. Everyone knows that all of the cool kids go out during the week, right?

Wearing an outfit that is reminiscent of Lady GaGa just makes you look stupid. Please just stick to The Gap. I hope that I have reached some of you and that you now realize your place. Lets leave the fashion and music to GaGa so you can Just Dance.


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  1. Agreed. Sally needs to realize she's nothing special.