Monday, November 1, 2010

What would you rather be doing than having sex?

Lets talk about sex baby.

The fact being that I have mostly single girlfriends and we all tend to drink to the point of excess, sometimes the cocktail conversations get a bit racy. Details of past trysts, potential future fornications, and fantasies are usually about two vodka sodas into the conversation (i mean hello we don't have food in our stomachs).

What would you rather be doing than having sex? Popular answers included a foot massage, sitting on a beach with a cocktail, shopping, and almost anything else. My answer- NOTHING. People offered up tons of options testing if my answer was real. Nope, nada, zilch. I don't board a plane, train, automobile (or boat) that's not for a nationally recognized holiday unless I know I'm getting railed. Sad but true. Maybe I'm so devoid of emotion and true intimacy so the only way I can connect is thru animalistic fucking. I'll leave that to the many professionals at my disposal. But my answer still remains the same.

So....what would YOU rather be doing than having sex?


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