Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Courtroom Fashion: An Analysis Part 2

Lets start from top to bottom, because I have too much to say and I want to keep my thoughts organized.

I'd like to perform my own community service and alert all of my readers that for ten years now, Goody, and various other hair accessory companies have been making clear, yes, clear, hair ties! I know, the things they can accomplish with technology these days. Stop wearing a black hair tie when you have blonde hair (or weave). It looks tickity tacky. Also, you've done a lot of blow in your day, and now it's time for a blow out. It would be great if you could run some shampoo and conditioner through those extensions before they get even more matted together.

Make Up
I'm not going to say that I hate the make up. Ok, who are we kidding? Of course I will. But it isn't appropriate for the daytime. No one needs to wear that much blush unless you're performing on Dancing With The Stars. And cool it with the Dior Show. We all like mascara but there's a fine line, honey.

The Scarf
I will never understand wearing sleeveless clothing and then a scarf around your neck. If anything, you lose warmth from your head first, so she could've benefitted from a fedora or a J-Lo/Kardashian style floppy hat. The only reason to wear a scarf when wearing a sleeveless dress is to cover up hickeys or vampire bites- and I think Rob Pattinson has kept a very safe distance from Ms. Lohan at all times. Yes, it's foggy and 61 degrees F in LA right now but you could've worn a dress with sleeves if you were concerned about the temperature. Not only is the scarf not necessary, but it's the same color as the dress. Couldn't we have gotten a blush pink or baby blue. She clearly doesn't have the money to go tanning anymore so we need to do something about that pasty skin tone. Or ask your Sevyn Nine line to send you some tan in a can. Because you probably aren't allowed inside a Sephora.

The Earrings
These (what appear to be) floral shaped studs are ok. I'm assuming they probably came from XIV Karats or they were a "gift" as she isn't allowed anywhere near the store in Venice she stole from. On second thought, probably good she was wearing the scarf so she wasn't wearing anymore potential evidence for the court.

The Bag
I like this bag. It's Chanel. What's not to like? And you can never go wrong with metallics- especially gold. And nothing says I'm a law abiding citizen like a sick slouchy purse. And she will probably have gold teeth soon from her next visit to the slammer, so she will be color coordinated.

Fuck winter white. I mean, who does she think she's fooling with this dress. Yes, it's more court appropriate and a bit more demure...but you aren't exactly Doris fucking Day, Lindsay. Everyone sees right through you (and for your sake I hope you're wearing a bra and thong this time). The "good girl" Fendi white angelic dress isn't going to change anyone's mind. Hopefully you're focusing more on Fendi than felonies these days. A for effort, though.

The black bracelet is hideous. BUT, it does match her rotting teeth. Perhaps our girl LL didn't want to be berated again for wearing something too nice since the Louboutin episode at her last appearance. As Carla Gugino aka Cheeka Barnfeld stated in Troop Beverly Hills "Too many accessories clutter an outfit." Ditch the bracelet and stop being an accessory to crime!

I adore these Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe shoes. Again, I'm a huge fan of metallics anytime, any place. And it's hard to go wrong with a platform and stiletto heel. These can also be used as a weapon in an escape attempt or could be traded for a pack of Parliment Lights inside. And kudos for matching them with the bag. Too bad these belong on the red carpet instead of being caught red handed for being kicked out of your probation program.

Lindz added a last minute accessory of handcuffs at the end of her hearing. Tisk, tisk. The only place the cuffs are a chic accessory is in the bedroom. Faux pas!

Overall, I'm not a huge fan of this look. Lindsay Lohan needs to stick to what she does best...leggings and plaid button down shirts. The, I just fucked a guy for a rock of meth look is really your bread and butter. Let Leighton Meester do the Upper East Side look. It doesn't work for you.

Her hearing is set for Nov 2nd. I can't wait to see what she turns up in then. And lets keep our fingers crossed that it spans multiple days so we can get even more Lindsay Lohan courtroom fashion.

Did you like today's ensemble? Was it more Elle magazine or Elle Woods?

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