Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is It Ever OK To Steal?

Thou shalt not steal is the eighth commandment. I thought it was first, but thank you Google, and sorry years of Sunday School spent wishing I was at the park playing like normal kids. But, God's sidekick Moses brought down some stone tablets told us we better whip our asses into shape. But that was like forever ago. A lot has changed. When commandments meant something Real Housewives were people who actually cooked and cleaned for their families.

So, is it ever ok to steal? The only time I ever want to is at the hair salon. Walking into the closet at my fancy Beverly Hills salon is very tempting. There's Missoni, Chanel, and Prada...oh my! They are all arranged on wood hangers just lounging there until their owner comes to pick them up. I'd never actually take anything but the thought always crosses my mind. I mean, that Rebecca Taylor leopard cashmere sweater would just go so perfectly with the jeans I have on. And it seems like stealing gets you in a minimal amount of trouble these days (if you get caught). Hi Lindsay and Winona. Yeah, I'm talking about you.

I find it even more fascinating that now-a-days, it's people who have the money to actually purchase these items that are getting a cheap thrill from swiping them. It's OK if it crosses your mind. And I'll say up front if I ever see a pair of size 37.5 Louboutins laying around in the street like a lost wallet they might not be going back to their owner...but if you take something that's something you aspire to have, what do you have left to work for. That Birkin bag will mean so much more when you've accomplished a task to earn it than if you got a five finger discount.

So, I think thou shalt not steal is pretty right on. I mean there isn't a commandment about fantasizing about it. That's what makes us human.

Have you ever stolen? What would you fantasize about stealing? High-end jewel heist? Or a priceless Banksy?


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